Types of baby stroller

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Picking a stroller for your baby is a fun task to do, but sometimes with so many types of a baby stroller to choose it can be quite a hassle. Fret not; we have listed a Parental Guide’s 2017 Best Strollers that explains different types of strollers while also helping you to figure out which one is the best for your baby.

Matched set stroller

These strollers come in a pack of full-size strollers and also a customized car seat. This set is perfect for those who like to go out in their car while bringing their baby; the seats can stay until your baby is around three years old. The only minus from this set is the price, which undoubtedly will cost more than any other strollers, but if you like to travel this stroller set might be the perfect choice for you.

Double stroller

A double stroller is perfect for those who are expecting twins or another toddler coming up, they cost a lot more than a single stroller, but they take less space and also less effort to push. Consider getting this stroller as they also have food and drink trays, double canopy, all essentials for the babies packed in one stroller.

Standard strollerStandard stroller

Durable, comfortable to push, these strollers are the perfect stroller for those who are on a budget. Although affordable, these strollers have comfortable reclining seats while also perfect for going to the city sidewalks or the mall. The only drawback from this stroller is the lack of features such as handbrake, adjustable handles, and the small storage space.


Lightweight strollerbaby on Standard stroller

This stroller is much lighter than any other strollers and also cheaper. What makes this stroller unique is how small and comfortable it is to use, although not made for every terrain. This stroller is perfect if you rarely go to places that need jogger stroller and you only go out for an occasional walk.

Jogger strollers

If you’re a sporty person and enjoy a jog in the afternoon, consider getting a jogger stroller for your baby. The main features of this stroller are the tires that can go for miles without worrying. Although the tires are not made for snow or sleet, it can still tackle other terrains that other strollers can’t. This perfect stroller has one flaw, and it is the price, it cost more than standard strollers, but for the price, you’re getting a high-quality stroller.