Painting your home is one of the ways of adding value to it. It will not only increase its aesthetic value by making it look fresh but also its value when you consider selling it. If one can’t do a quality job themselves, then can consider hiring a professional painter. There are many professional painters and hiring one can be such a difficult job.

These are some of the tips on how to hire a painter

Meet with the painters

One should meet at least five different painters to help them do their painting work. Family and friends can help one get these painters who could have done for them some work previously. The painters can then visit your home to assess how much work is to be done. They should take a reasonable time to do their assessment so that they don’t forget to do anything. One can also ask how many other people the contractor works with so that they can know the number of crew to expect from them.

Tell them what you expect

One should be aware that the numbers of coats that will be applied do not determine the price or the quality of the work to be done. One should explain to the painter the kind of work they want to be done on their home. The preparation is that which matters. The kind of prep that will be done will determine the kind of output that will be seen.

Get the estimated cost of the work

One should seek to have a written estimate of the work to be done from each of the painters who will have assessed the kind of work to be done. The estimate should break down the cost of labor, materials, coats of paints to be applied, and the quality of the materials. It should also include the amount of surface preparation to be done.

Ask for references for their past work

Each painter should be able to provide a list of people they have done painting work for. One should call them and ask the kind of work they did and whether they were satisfied with the work done. If their clients are satisfied with their work, it is a sign that they can be trusted to deliver quality work. One should also ensure that they view their past work to see how well their work is holding up. Their most recent projects can also be used to rate the skills of their crew.

Get a written contract from them

The contract is a necessary document before any work is undertaken. It should contain information such as the name of the painter, their office address, license number and all the financial agreements and obligations of both parts. The contract should also include what is included and excluded from the job. They should also have a workman’s compensation insurance cover so that you are not liable should they do any damage to the property or those of your neighbor.

Another important tip is not paying the whole amount until the work is completed and you are satisfied with can pay up to ten percent so that they also show commitment on their part the rest should only be paid upon completion.