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Why You Need to Buy Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Surveillance cameras have been proven to be one of the most effective tools to deter criminals. And this is just one reason why you need them in your house. However, many house owners seem to ignore the fact that there are two types of surveillance cameras based on where they are placed: indoor and outdoor cameras. 

In this article, you’ll learn why outdoor cameras are essential for your safety and your loved ones’. 

High-Tech Outdoor CCTV Cameras Are Getting Cheaper and More Practical

a dome cameraCCTV cameras in the past two decades were very different from today’s model. In fact, CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television, meaning that the footage captured by the cameras is stored in formats (VCR and DVR) that were compatible only with Television. Meanwhile, security cameras that are accessible by a computer are called IP cameras. They used the Internet or LAN network to display the visual on a selected monitor. 

Today, the difference between CCTV and IP cameras is hardly noticeable as most of the latest security cameras support smartphone access. Even the oldest ones that can’t connect to the Internet are still accessible through smartphone adapters..

You Can Monitor Your Property in Real-Time and High-Def Resolution

IP cameras were notorious for their low resolution, but that was in the 90s. Today’s units can deliver up to 4k straight to your phone! Even if you are abroad, you can still access your house’s cameras and monitor the surroundings. If any suspicious activities are detected, you can contact law enforcement to prevent further damage to your property. And all of this protection does not require you to be on the spot. 

Outdoor Cameras Can Withstand the Weather

This reason is, of course, obvious enough. But we must include it here so that you won’t get curious anymore about the idea of installing indoor cameras outdoors. Outdoor cameras are often hooded or encased in a waterproof housing. And since the area coverage for outdoor security is wide, there is the dome security camera that is designed specifically to capture 360-degree views.  

Outdoor Cameras Can Prevent Incidents

a fire fighterBesides functioning as a deterrent for invaders, outdoor cameras can also notify you of an impending disaster. For instance, during a thunderstorm, lightning strikes can potentially cause combustion to any trees near your house. If you have outdoor security cameras, you can act fast in case any fire is detected. 

Moreover, if you have a pool or an unfinished renovation project that is potentially hazardous to kids, your monitoring can be a matter of saving a kid’s life. You’ll never know when your neighbor’s kid gets curious about your land and explore there. 

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Key Lock Boxes for Real Estate

If you are planning to sell your house, you need to get a place to store your keys. In the process of selling your house, different people will gain access to the home. You need to place the key in a safe place where everyone can reach.

A key lock box will save you the stress of staying in the house waiting for viewers. Once you place the keys in the lockbox, you can continue with your daily activities knowing that your keys are accessible. Get Listed Realty has a variety of key lock boxes. Here are some of the features to check when buying a lockbox:


keys in a lock boxIt is essential to check the housing or case of the key lock box. A good lockbox should have a strong material to avoid someone from breaking in and gaining access. If you are looking for the strongest box, you can consider one with a metal casing.

The casing should be burglar proof, and it should also be rust resistant. You need to remember that you will place the key box outside the house. It should be all weather to avoid damage or corrosion.


Easy to Mount

The key lock box that you buy should be easy to mount. You will be required to install the key box on the entrance of your home so it should be easy to install.

Some of the key lock boxes come with basic tools to make the process of mounting easy. Always consider looking for a key lock box that will not require you to hire a handyman to do the mounting.

Secure Codes

Most of the key lock boxes use codes to gain access. You need to make sure that the key lock box has secure codes. Instead of the traditional lock boxes that use one code, look for a lockbox with interchangeable locks.

With interchangeable locks, you can remotely generate codes to ensure maximum security when using the lock box. The lockbox will generate codes randomly to ensure the security of keys.

digital key lock box


The space inside the lockbox is an essential factor to consider. In case you are planning to use the lockbox to store cards and several keys, you need to make sure that it has enough space. We have lock boxes that can accommodate up to 10 keys inside. The kind of box that you buy will depend on your storage needs. Buying a big box is always an added advantage.…

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